Welcome back to the Buri Spa blog! As a Top Rated Local® spa in Manhattan, we specialize in several different types of healing, relaxing, and rejuvenating massage techniques. We focus solely on massage, giving the residents in and around Manhattan a place where they can come to experience pain relief, tension release, stillness, and a break from busy city life. In our last post, we gave you an overview of our massage studio and introduced you to some of our most popular types of massage, including:

  • Traditional Thai Massage
  • Combination Massage
  • Four Hands Massage
  • Couples Massage

Because we offer so many types of massage, we will continue looking at our most sought-after treatments, which can help you decide which one is best for you. Already know which massage you’d like to receive? Visit Buri Spa to book a massage in Koreatown!

Three Types of MassageDeep Tissue Massage

If you struggle with chronic pain from an injury or health condition, a deep tissue massage may be an ideal solution for you. Deep tissue massage combines Swedish massage techniques with deep, focused pressure that is applied to the belly of a muscle. Deep tissue massage typically focuses on localized muscle groups and addresses specific complaints in the body. The goal is to warm and relax the tissues to release tension, reduce scar tissue, improve circulation, and enhance movement. Along with providing effective pain relief, deep tissue massage can increase your range of motion, flexibility, and function.

Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage is all about getting the tissues to relax so that the mind and body can relax. This is an ideal massage for managing stress, tension, and relieving nagging aches and pains. A Swedish massage typically focuses on the whole body to stimulate circulation, encourage relaxation, and help the client experience calmness and peace in mind and body.

Back Massage

From stress to injuries, there are a number of triggers that cause back pain, and when your back hurts, it can limit movement and function in other parts of the body. By massaging the back muscles that support the spine, your massage therapist can alleviate tension and release pressure from the spinal nerves that cause back pain and radiating pain. A back massage can not only relieve pain, but can also help your body move better and feel better as a whole.

Book a Massage at Our Manhattan Spa

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