Pre-Natal Massage

Helping Mother & Baby Relax

Prenatal massages at Banyan Tree Thai Spa are designed to ease the physical and emotional stress of pregnancy. The gentle kneading of the muscles and the use of special support cushions help to alleviate back pain and reduce anxiety. Our experienced therapists work with pregnant women to provide a calming, soothing massage that promotes relaxation and enhances overall wellbeing.

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Pre-Natal Massage Pricing

Our Pricing Menu:

  • $185 for 90 mins
  • $135 for 60 mins
  • $105 for 45 mins

What Can I Expect During a Pre-Natal Massage Session?

Prenatal massage predominantly uses the Swedish massage technique, which focuses on long, sweeping strokes with only minimal pressure applied to the body. Deep tissue pressure, which is common in other therapeutic massages, won't be used as it could potentially be harmful to mother or baby.

12 weeks of pregnancy or more is required for prenatal massage.

Unscented organic oil or massage cream will be applied during the session.